Elevating women and their businesses through soulful branding and strategic marketing.

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What Clients Are Saying

Ma Richards

Daaaaaaaaaaaang Jami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This layout is THE BOMB!!! YOU HAVE A GIFT GIRL!!!! We're ALL online business owners. We need branding! We need workbooks! We need logos! We need course slides! WE NEED YOU! Do you know how many businesses you can save!!!! Do you know how many start ups you can help!!!! Girl.....

Anna Marcolin

Jami, you have been a gift to me!
Essentially what you have done is completely overhaul my brand and I cannot thank you enough. And because of the evidence of your work, I am so excited to now have you as my business coach. Any clients who get to work with you can consider themselves lucky. I look forward to a long future together.

Sharon Ng

I am thrilled with the Colorful Us brand message, image, and experience lovingly created by Jami Schaer - she was able to capture my aspirations for my parenting brand perfectly.  Throughout the Hype Girl Marketing process, I felt heard and understood both verbally and visually. Most brands in the social justice space are folksy and outdated and do not speak to contemporary parents. Jami exceeded my dreams for the brand by developing the Colorful Us brand to be modern, vibrant,  joyful, and filled with hope and possibility. Because of Jami, I feel confident to launch the Colorful Us membership community into the world. Jami is your girl for all things digital marketing - cheerleader, brander, and implementer! You won't be disappointed!

Nikki Brown

When I came to Jami for help regarding branding, I was afraid, anxious and alone because I had been charged so much money in the past with lots of promises and little results. After our first strategy call, I knew she was the one to get me from blah to boom in my branding. Jami captured the voice of me while painting a picture for current and future clients. I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done and continues to do to support me in amplifying my brand. Thank you Jami Schaer.

Sandra Santos-Lacey

I looked around for someone who would be able to help me with my social media.  After speaking with Jami, I just knew she was the one.  She listens and then executes on your vision precisely!  I also loved the fact that she promised a delivery date and provided me with the finished product on time!  I highly recommend Jami.