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The Hype Girl Method to Marketing is a personalized, one-on-one, 6-week program that will properly structure your business so you can get some quick wins while building a foundation for future success. You don't need to be a new business to sign up for a marketing launch. In fact, most clients have been in business for years. It's never too late to level up your marketing. It's how you make money and an impact so let's get it cleaned up and start implementing a strategy that works.

Program Details
ONLINE PRESENCE: You will learn the most important components of a money-making website and how (and where) to create a social media strategy that builds a cult following. 

MARKETING STRATEGY: We will create a marketing plan (that doesn't require paid ads) to build your audience fast through your website and the highest converting social media channels in your industry. 

PRODUCTIVITY TRAINING: No more flying by the seat of your pants or spinning your wheels. You will learn how to structure your work day so you are making the best use of your time. Working smarter (not harder) is the goal here.

FUNNELS: You will learn how to build your first funnel-the process your ideal audience will take from the moment they first hear about you to the moment they buy from you. 

COMMUNITY: You will learn how to get your audience to fall in love with your business, work with you again and again, refer you to friends and build a community that truly impacts lives (and your bank account).



This program is perfect for entrepreneurs who need monthly marketing for 3 months or more. You will receive website edits to optimize your copy and client conversion, promotion of your programs across social media, an email campaign strategy that includes two emails to your list each month to drive revenue, social media templates and training for your staff on editing once our contract ends, and two coaching calls per month to keep you on track to meet your weekly, monthly, and annual goals.

$1,5000/month. *3-month minimum requirement. Paid monthly.


This program is perfect for entrepreneurs who need ongoing, weekly support over the course of 3 months or more. You will receive everything in the marketing launch plus additional weekly coaching on marketing strategy, productivity, accountability, work-life balance (yes it’s possible), and more to keep you on track to meet your weekly, monthly, and annual goals.

$2,000/month. *3-month minimum requirement. Paid monthly.


This 60 min call is perfect for entrepreneurs who feel stuck, overwhelmed or just need to brainstorm ideas. In addition to our call, you will receive notes from our session and a detailed, custom action plan within 24 hours. You can schedule as many strategy hours as you need. 



This is for podcasters who need ongoing marketing for the duration of their show. You will receive show notes and SEO for each episode, marketing copy to ask subscribers to rate, review and share, organic marketing on ig, fb groups, pinterest, and clubhouse, upload each episode to libsyn, and create and manage pinterest board to house promo pins.

$1,000/month. *3-month minimum requirement. Paid all at once or monthly.