I was almost on shark tank. By almost, I mean I stood outside for 3 hours, pitched a producer, got that sweet little pink wristband in the picture down below and two weeks later received a decline letter.  

But that didn't stop me.

You see, I'm also the founder of a kids kindness camp. In the third year (after Shark Tank said no), I grew the camp from 2 locations in Chicago to 10 across the US, selling out in minutes. Take that Mr. Wonderful!

All the while, I failed a hundred times, figured it out, and became a self-taught guru on all things social media and branding. I know what it takes to start with a little seed and grow it into something beautiful. I know your pain, I know why you've cried, I know why you've wanted to give up, I know why you work too much, I know why you doubt yourself and compare yourself to your competition, I know why you have trouble delegating. I've been there as a founder, as an executive director, as an entrepreneur giving it my all. I learned quickly what my weaknesses are and, more importantly, I learned all about my strengths.  And my strengths are branding and creating an authentic story that fosters an engaged community. The success of my kindness camp was due to 50% content and 50% branding.  Our brand set us apart and made us attractive to big names like Melissa and Doug and See Kai Run and celebs like Miles Brown and Khoudia Diop. We even landed a meeting with the curriculum team over at Sesame Street.  I took my blood, sweat and tears and wrapped them up in a beautiful, engaging and empowering story for the world to see. I do the same for my clients and I can do the same for you.

If you're ready to get your branding and marketing *chefs kiss* so you can start making some big money and a big impact, tap HERE and say hey Jami, I feel seen, let’s chat.

XO Jami